Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Analyzing the Battle for the Houla Massacre

(when the discussion starts, here is where people can offer thoughts on the alleged rebel assault - the security posts, battle fronts, timelines, weaponry, tactical arguments, etc.)

Taldou Security Scene Graphic
* White targets = UN acknowledged as overrun.
Clocktower post: “overrun at some point.” MIHQ: (military intel): "likely" and implicitly overrun.
* Orange targets = the others. Qaws was “the new front line” after MIHQ. Aside from the “Water Co.” these are seriously contested; rebels may have also bypassed/overrun the Qaws and the Hospital.
* The lime-crimson labels (A.3 etc.) show where video exhibits in the report were flmed.
* “(ACLOS visual) Verifed massacre sites” = homes with blood or bodies in them, shown as crime scenes, that can be seen and in video and have been placed (see pages 40-43 and 46-50).

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