Sunday, July 6, 2014

2013 Report: Official Truth, Real Truth, and Impunity

July 6, 2014

Official Truth, Real Truth, and Impunity for the Syrian Houla Massacre of May 2012

This report from about the one-year anniversary (May 18, 2013) compiles seven main articles previously published, by four authors (including largely myself). Some are here translated to English for the first time, some represent refinements of important ACLOS research. Ronda Hauben's inclusions are great - she was a great help advising and getting this report filled in. It's a good overview.

* Direct PDF Link

* CIWCL download/overview page

* Promotional article at Global Research: Syria : One Year After the Houla Massacre. New Report on Official vs. Real Truth - #2 Google return for Houla Massacre

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