Saturday, July 12, 2014

ACLOS Research Guide

The main thing we have to offer here is detailed research, largely alreadfy done, on several pages at A Closer Look On Syria (ACLOS). There seems little point copying over all of it to here - some will be re-packaged, often linking to the right spot there. But the whole body of work can be perused directly with these organized links. The pages themselves are not all organized, filled-in, or updated - some rough spots, errors not corrected, etc. But on balance it's on the right track, if still in slow progress. We also have a "bad habit" - as CE puts it - of working things out first on the talk page, but never finishing and moving it to the front page (there are a lot of distractions!). So oftentimes, there's far more on the talk page - so check it before you give up.

ACLOS Houla research pages
- The Houla massacre - Talk

- Houla:Alleged witnesses (overview)
  - Houla:Alleged witnesses for a rebel attack
      - Houla:ANNA Testimonies

- Houla:Alleged witnesses for a government/Shabiha attack
     - Ali Al-Sayed
     - Hassan Abdel-Razzaq
     - Major Jihad Raslan

Houla:Victims - Talk
     - Houla:Abdulrazaq Families
     - Sunni or Shi'ite?
(rest - links forthcoming)
     - Houla Victims: Shumariyeh/Shomaliya

Houla:Scene - Talk
Houla, May 25: Who Was in Control? - Talk
     - Houla: Saad Street RPG Incident
     -Timeline(s) - talk
Al-Houla Before and After the Massacre

     - Houla, autopsie d’un massacre
     - Houla:Connecting The Dots
     - Houla:Proven false claims
     - Houla Media Office
(any I missed?)

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