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Abbara Victim Photo Mysteries (Graphic)

January 12, 2015

Yet another newly-identified clue come from the fascinating, and now-unavailable 2014 Houla Massacre Facebook page. There's one victim they didn't include in their list of 105 victims, but set aside in his own post for "Gheiyath Abed Samad Suliman - 28 year old. The first martyr at Houla massacre - Died during tank bombing at the Town 25-5-2012" This featured two photos, one with a man looking intact, if hit in the head with a rifle butt, perhaps, and the second one showing a man with a head largely crushed.
The clear conclusion one is led to is that Mr. Suleiman's head was somehow smashed apart after he was dead and in opposition hands. However, a cursory look at the photos shows these are two different men with different faces and hair, different skin tone, facial hair density, etc.

Which one is Suleiman and who is the other man? Well, the first face doesn't look familiar from anyone else. Neither does the second one, really. But that gray-brown blanket with green trim does look familiar. I only just now noticed this and made the connection. It's clearly the same type, if not the same one, seen here:
A photo released at the time of the massacre, matching one of the 4 "Saad St." victims, not included at the 2014 Facebook page, but clearly of the victim they name as Mohammed Shafiq Abbara (below, stretched from original).
He was first seen, I think, on that same blanket as supposed Mr. Suleiman. And upon review, the victim on it in each view seems to have the same type of chin and hair cover, lower lip offset as, and longish hair, as far as can be seen.

What they seem to lack is consistent head damage. As we've seen him so far, Mr. Abbara's face stops at about the eyes. He does not seem to have enough forehead remaining to match.

Is it possible all in that top view is present in all views, just looking better once tucked together? If so, that's it, we just have another view, falsely attributed.  I haven't reviewed the videos yet, but it seems possible ... but also unlikely. I cannot really see the bottom view here unfolding into the top.

If not, what could happen to an already busted-up body to worsen it to this degree? Dragging from the back of truck for bit might do it. Another RPG blast, perhaps. If anything was done, it was after that first photo and before he was seen on the street with no blanket, around 7:15 PM, fully damaged. The other blanket photo is presumably after that scene, since they first found him just killed without it. but ... wouldn't it be interesting if both blanket photos were from before 7:15? Was the first image, apparently taken in the dark with a flash, taken this early, well before sunset? Perhaps, indoors with no electricity (there was none, someone cut it at the time of the rebel offensive). But at the moment, I'm not sure. Anyone else have a thought on this?

And as for the blanket - it's got a lighter border with Arabic writing in it. It's been said some rebel views show saying National (Watani) Hospital, a place rebels never admit they got to. I couldn't make it out, but this is the only blanket I've noticed with any writing. The hospital is well south of the place this guy was seen, further yet from the place he likely lived (near the clocktower), and on the other side of defenses that seem active for some time. So maybe all blanket images are from later on, and the intact face thing is just an illusion.   

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